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Chris Wolverton

Professor of Materials Science & Engineering

Ph.D. in Physics, University of California, Berkeley, 1993; B.S. in Physics, University of Texas, Austin

Research Interests

Research in Prof. Wolverton's group is centered on computational materials science, and specifically first-principles quantum mechanical simulation tools.  These computational tools have advanced to the point now where materials may be "synthesized virtually", with their properties predicted on a computer before ever being synthesized in a laboratory. The group's interests are focused on materials for alternative energies and sustainability (hydrogen, batteries, light-weight metals, fuel cells, thermoelectrics).  Current topics of interest include the discovery of novel hydrogen storage materials, Li battery materials, thermoelectric materials, phase transformations in light-weight Mg alloys, defect evolution in UO2-based oxide nuclear fuels, discovery of new oxide materials for solar thermochemical production of fuels, hydrogen embrittlement in steels, and surface ordering in metal alloy catalysts.  

Selected Publications 

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