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Applied Physics Degree Requirements

Comprehensive information about the Applied Physics degree requirements and program policies are detailed in the Applied Physics Program Handbook(updated March 2024)

In summary, the formal requirements for a PhD in Applied Physics are:

Core courses:

For full descriptions and schedules, see the Courses page.

1 MAT SCI 401 - Chemical & Statistical Thermodynamics of Materials (Fall Yr1) or Physics 416 - Introduction to Statistical Mechanics (Winter Yr1)
2 PHYSICS 412-1 Quantum Mechanics (Fall Yr1)
3 PHYS 411-1 Methods of Theoretical Physics (Fall Yr1) 
GEN ENG 519 or CHEM 519 or PHYS 519 (Fall 1st year) - Required but not for credit (Fall Yr1)
4 PHYSICS 412-2 Quantum Mechanics (Winter Yr1)
5 PHYSICS 414-1 Electrodynamics (Winter Yr1)
6 MAT SCI 405 Physics of Solids (Spring Yr1) or PHYS 422-1 Condensed-Matter Physics (Fall Yr2)
7 Computational Methods of AP course  see list of course options below
8 Experimental Methods of AP course see list of course options below
9 Elective 1  - Graduate level class (400)
10 Elective 2 - Graduate level class (400)

Download here the list of course options for Computational Methods of Applied Physics and Experimental Methods of Applied Physics.

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