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Photonics & Optical Properties of Matter

From the physiology of the human eye to the development of lasers, the study of optical systems and materials has long had an outsized impact on society. Control of light and its interaction with matter has revealed fundamental understanding of quantum mechanics with single particle (photon) scale interactions and has enabled a powerful technical toolbox with broad applications such as precise atomic clocks, photovoltaics, or display technology. Recognized by the recent 2015 International Year of Light, current research trends in optics and photonics are diverse and cross-disciplinary, with particular focus at Northwestern on exploration of the optical properties of materials, imaging methods, dynamical studies of charge and chemistry, hybrid light-matter systems, nano-scale photonics, and functional quantum optical and opto-electronic devices. The optics and photonics community at Northwestern is large, uniting researchers across many fields and interests including physics, material science, electrical engineering, energy sciences, among others.

Faculty: Koray Aydin, Vadim Backman, Lin Chen, Chris Jacobsen, John Ketterson, Prem Kumar, Hooman Mohseni, Brian Odom, Teri Odom, George Schatz, Tamar Seideman, Selim Shahriar, Nathaniel Stern, Emily Weiss