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Emily Weiss

Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering (by courtesy)

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Northwestern University, 2005; A.B. in Chemistry, Princeton University, 2000

Research Interests

The Weiss group studies the physical chemistry of semiconductor quantum dots – specifically how we can tune the chemistry at their surfaces in order to control their optical properties. We use ultrafast linear and nonlinear spectroscopies, a range of analytical and structural characterization techniques, and electrical measurements on quantum dots in the solution and solid phases to study the interaction between the nanocrystal core and rationally designed organic ligands on the surface. 

Selected Publications

Peterson, M.D.; Holbrook, R.J.; Meade, T.J.; Weiss, E.A. Photoinduced Electron Transfer from PbS Quantum Dots to Cobalt(III) Schiff Base Complexes: Light Activation of a Protein Inhibitor, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1352013, 13162.

Knowles, K.E.; Malicki, M.; Parameswaran, R.; Cass, L.C.; Weiss, E.A. Spontaneous Multi-Electron Transfer from the Surfaces of PbS Quantum Dots to TCNQ, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135, 7264-7271 (2013).

Shastry, T.A.; Morris-Cohen, A.J.; Weiss, E.A.; Hersam, M.C. Probing Carbon Nanotube-Surfactant Interactions with Two-Dimensional DOSY NMR, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135, 6750 (2013).

Frederick, M.T.; Amin, V.A. Swenson, N.K.; Ho, A.Y.; Weiss, E.A. “Control of Exciton Confinement in Quantum Dot-Organic Complexes through Modulation of the Energetic Alignment of Interfacial Orbitals” Nano Lett., 13, 287 (2013).

Tagliazucchi, M.; Blaber, M. G.; Schatz, G. C.; Weiss, E. A.; Szleifer, I., “Optical Properties of Responsive Hybrid Au@Polymer Nanoparticles” ACS Nano 6, 8397 (2012).

Evans, C.M.; Love, A.M.; Weiss, E.A. “Semiconductor Clusters Polymerize to Quantum Dots through Competing Step-Growth Mechanisms” J. Am. Chem. Soc.134, 17298 (2012).

Knowles, K.E.; Malicki, M.; Weiss, E.A. “Dual-Pathway Photoinduced Electron Transfer from PbS Quantum Dots to a Molecular Acceptor” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134, 12470 (2012).

Tagliazucchi, M.; Amin, V; Schneebeli, S.T.; Stoddart, J.F.; Weiss, E.A. “High-contrast photopatterning of photolu­­minescence within quantum dot films through degradation of a charge-transfer quencher” Adv. Mater. (Frontispiece), 24, 3617 (2012).

Morris-Cohen, A.J.; Vasilenko, V.; Amin, V.A.; Reuter, M.G.; Weiss, E.A. “A Model for Adsorption of Ligands to Colloidal Quantum Dots with Concentration-Dependent Surface Structure” ACS Nano, 6, 557 (2012).

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