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Engineered Quantum Systems

The fields of applied quantum physics and engineered quantum systems inspires scientists in physics and electrical engineering worldwide, and forms a major thrust of lively research today. At Northwestern, it unites the interests of both experimental and theoretical research groups actively investigating applications of quantum physics for a broad array of tasks, including development of new high-precision measurements, secure information transfer by quantum cryptography, quantum manipulation of ultra-cold trapped atoms and ions, and manipulation of quantum information in superconducting circuits and other mesoscopic systems with quantum coherence. Experimental and computational resources at Northwestern range from cooling quantum systems to temperatures close to the zero-point (e.g., laser cooling of trapped atoms or molecules, and operating two-dimensional electron gases or superconducting samples in dilution refrigerators) to the Quest high-performance computing cluster for numerical simulations.

Faculty: Venkat Chandrasekhar, Anupam Garg, Matthew Grayson, John Ketterson, Jens Koch, Prem Kumar, Hooman Mohseni, Brian Odom, James Sauls, Tamar Seideman, Selim Shariar, Nathaniel Stern.