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Koray Aydin

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ph.D. in Physics, Bilkent University, 2008; B.S. in Physics, Bilkent University, 2002

Research Interests

Koray Aydin's research interests lie at the intersection of applied physics, electrical engineering, materials science and nanotechnology, with the main theme of nanophotonics. Our research efforts are focused towards understanding the interactions of light with nanoscale materials, designing optical metamaterials with novel electromagnetic and photonic properties, and integration of nanoscale photonic materials with devices for applications in energy, health care, defense and communications. We utilize analytical and numerical electromagnetic simulation techniques for the design, advanced nanofabrication methods for the fabrication, and nanoscale optical and electrical characterization tools for the characterization of nanophotonic materials and devices.

Selected Publications

Inverse design of an ultra-compact broadband optical diode based on asymmetric spatial mode conversion
F. Callewaert, S. Butun, Z. Li, and K. Aydin
Scientific Reports 6, 32577 (2016)

Localized surface plasmons in nanostructured monolayer black phosphorus

Z. Liu, and K. Aydin
Nano Letters 16, 3457 (2016)

Ultrawide angle, directional spectrum splitting visible-frequency versatile metasurfaces

Z. Li, E. Palacios, S. Butun, and K. Aydin
Advanced Optical Materials 4, 953 (2016).

Strong coupling between plasmonic gap modes and photonic lattice modes in DNA-assembled gold nanocube arrays
Q.-Y. Lin, Z. Li, K. A. Brown, M. N. O’Brien, M. B. Ross, Y. Zhou, S. Butun, P.-C. Chen, G. C. Schatz, V. P. Dravid,
K. Aydin*, C. A. Mirkin*
Nano Letters 15, 4699 (2015)

Omnidirectional, broadband light absorption using large-area, ultrathin lossy metallic film coatings
Z. Li, H. Kocer, and K. Aydin
Scientific Reports 5, 15137 (2015).

Nanostructured Silicon Success
K. Aydin
Nature Photonics 9, 353 (2015)

Thermal tuning of infrared resonant absorbers based on hybrid gold-VO2 nanostructures
H. Kocer, S. Butun, B. Banar, K. Wang, S. Tongay, J. Wu, and K. Aydin      
Appl. Phys. Lett., 106, 161104 (2015).

­­­Enhanced light emission from large-area monolayer MoS2 using plasmonic nanodisc arrays
S. Butun, S. Tongay and K. Aydin
Nano Letters, 15, 2700 (2015).

Visible-frequency metasurfaces for broadband anomalous reflection and high-efficiency spectrum splitting
Z. Li, E. Palacios, S. Butun, and K. Aydin
Nano Letters, 15, 1615 (2015).  

Large-area, lithography-free super absorbers and color filters at visible frequencies using ultrathin metallic films
Z. Li, S. Butun, and K. Aydin
ACS Photonics, 2, 183 (2015)

Ultra-narrow band absorbers based on surface lattice resonances in nanostructured metal surfaces
Z. Li, S. Butun, and K. Aydin
ACS Nano 8, 8242 (2014)

Broadband, polarization-independent resonant light absorption using ultrathin, plasmonic super absorbers
K. Aydin, V. E. Ferry, R. M. Briggs, and H. A. Atwater
Nature Communications 2, 517 (2011)