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Teri W. Odom

Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor of Chemistry; Chair of the Department of Chemistry; Professor of Materials Science and Engineering (by courtesy)

Ph.D. in Chemical Physics, Harvard University, 2001; B.S. in Chemistry, Stanford University, 1996

Research Interests

Our research focuses on controlling materials at the 100-nm scale and investigating their size, shape, and materials-dependent optical properties. One of the key reasons why we can interrogate new plasmonic (metal) materials as well as design 3D plasmonic architectures is because of our invention of multi-scale nanofabrication tools. These capabilities are critical for discovering new plasmonic phenomena because different flavors of surface plasmons can interact over vastly different length scales: tens of nanometers for localized surface plasmons (LSPs) but tens of microns for propagating plasmons (SPPs). Using our nanopatterning tools, we are pursuing three themes in plasmonics:

  1. Concentrating Light using Asymmetric, Mesoscale Particles;
  2. Mapping Full SPP Dispersion Diagrams of Plasmonic Crystals; and
  3. Designing Plasmonic Lenses for Optical Imaging.

Selected Publications

W. Zhou, M. Dridi, J.Y. Suh, C.H. Kim, D.T. Co, M.R. Wasielewski, G.C. Schatz, and T.W. Odom, "Lasing action in strongly coupled plasmonic nanocavity arrays," Nature Nanotech. 8, 506–511 (2013).

T.W. Odom, "Materials science: The same, but better," Nature 496, 40–41 (2013).

J. Y. Suh, C. H. Kim, W. Zhou, M. D. Huntington, D. T. Co, M. R. Wasielewski, and T. W. Odom, "Plasmonic Bowtie Nanolaser Arrays," Nano Letters 12, 5769–5774 (2012).

S.M. Lubin, W. Zhou, A.J. Hryn, M.D. Huntington, and T.W. Odom,"High Rotational Symmetry Lattices Fabricated by Moiré Nanolithography," Nano Letters (2012).

S.R.C. Vivekchand, C.J. Engel, S.M. Lubin, M.G. Blaber, W. Zhou, J.Y. Suh, G.C. Schatz, and T.W. Odom, "Liquid Plasmonics: Manipulating Surface Plasmon Polaritons via Phase Transitions," Nano Letters 12, 4324-4328 (2012).

D.H.M. Dam, J. Lee, P. Sisco, D. Co, M. Zhang, M.R. Wasielewski, and T.W. Odom, "Direct Observation of Nanoparticle-Cancer Cell Nucleus Interactions,"ACS Nano 6, 3318-3326 (2012).

M.D. Huntington and T.W. Odom, "A Portable, Benchtop Photolithography System Based on a Solid-State Light Source," Small 7, 3144-3147 (2011).

M.H. Lee, M.D. Huntington, W. Zhou, J.-C. Yang, T.W. Odom, "Programmable Soft Lithography: Solvent-assisted Nanoscale Embossing," Nano Letters 11, 311-315 (2010).

H. Gao, J.K. Hyun, M.H. Lee, J.-C. Yang, L.J. Lauhon, T.W. Odom, "Broadband Plasmonic Microlenses Based on Patches of Nanoholes," Nano Letters 10, 4111-4116 (2011).

J.-C. Yang, H. Gao, J.Y. Suh, W. Zhou, M.H. Lee, T.W. Odom, "Enhanced Optical Transmission Mediated by Localized Plasmons in Anisotropic, 3D Nanohole Arrays," Nano Letters 10, 3173–3178 (2010).

H. Gao, J.-C. Yang, J.Y. Lin, A. Stuparu, M.H. Lee, M. Mrksich, T.W. Odom, "Using the Angle-Dependent Resonances of Molded Plasmonic Crystals to Improve the Sensitivities of Biosensors," Nano Letters 10, 2549–2554 (2010).

W. Zhou, H. Gao, T.W. Odom, "Toward Broadband Plasmonics: Tuning Dispersion in Rhombic Plasmonic Crystals," ACS Nano 4, 1241–1247 (2010).

J. Henzie, M.H. Lee, and T.W. Odom, "Multiscale Patterning of Plasmonic Metamaterials," Nature Nanotech. 2, 549–554 (2007).


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