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Pedram Khalili

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director of Graduate Studies, Applied Physics

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Delft, Netherlands B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Research Interests

Nanoelectronics, nano-magnetism and spintronics, nonvolatile memory and logic, magnetic tunnel junctions, spin waves, microwave magnetic devices, circuits and computing architectures enabled by emerging nano-devices.

Selected Publications

 V. Lopez-Dominguez, H. Almasi, P. Khalili Amiri, "Picosecond electric-field-induced switching of antiferromagnets", Physical Review Applied, Vol. 11, p. 024019, 2019.

L. Zhang, B. Fang, J. Cai, M. Carpentieri, V. Puliafito, F. Garesci, P. Khalili Amiri, G. Finocchio, Z. Zeng, "Ultrahigh detection sensitivity exceeding 10^5 V/W in spin-torque diode", Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 113, p. 102401, 2018.

G. Yu, P. Upadhyaya, Q. Shao, H. Wu, G. Yin, X. Li, C. He, W. Jiang, X. Han, P. Khalili Amiri, K.L. Wang, "Room-Temperature Skyrmion Shift Device for Memory Application", Nano Letters, Vol. 17, pp. 261–268, 2017.

C. Grezes, H. Lee, A. Lee, S. Wang, F. Ebrahimi, X. Li, K. Wong, J.A. Katine, B. Ocker, J. Langer, P. Gupta, P. Khalili Amiri, K.L. Wang, “Write Error Rate and Read Disturbance in Electric-Field-Controlled Magnetic Random-Access Memory”, IEEE Magnetics Letters, Vol. 8, p. 3102705, 2017.

B. Fang, M. Carpentieri, X. Hao, H. Jiang, J.A. Katine, I.N. Krivorotov, B. Ocker, J. Langer, K.L. Wang, B. Zhang, B. Azzerboni, P. Khalili Amiri, G. Finocchio, Z. Zeng, “Giant spin-torque diode sensitivity in the absence of bias magnetic field”, Nature Communications, Vol. 7. pp.11259/1-7, 2016.

C. Grezes, F. Ebrahimi, J.G. Alzate, X. Cai, J. A. Katine, J. Langer, B. Ocker, P. Khalili Amiri, K.L. Wang, "Ultra-low switching energy and scaling in electric-field-controlled nanoscale magnetic tunnel junctions with high resistance-area product", Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 108, No. 1, p. 012403, 2016.

M. Montazeri, P. Upadhyaya, M.C. Onbasli, G. Yu, K.L. Wong, M. Lang, Y. Fan, X. Li, P. Khalili Amiri, R.N. Schwartz, C.A. Ross, K.L. Wang, "Magneto-optical investigation of spin–orbit torques in metallic and insulating magnetic heterostructures", Nature Communications, Vol. 6, p. 8958, 2015.

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R. Dorrance, J.G. Alzate, S.S. Cherepov, P. Upadhyaya, I.N. Krivorotov, J.A. Katine, J. Langer, K.L. Wang, P. Khalili Amiri, D. Markovic, "Diode-MTJ Crossbar Memory Cell Using Voltage-Induced Unipolar Switching for High-Density MRAM", IEEE Electron Device Letters, Vol. 34, No. 6, pp. 753-755, 2013.