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Vadim Backman

Walter Dill Scott Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Ph.D. in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics, Harvard University - MIT, Cambridge, MA; M.S. in Physics, MIT, Cambridge, MA; M.S. in Physics, St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia; B.S. in Physics (Hons), St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

Research Interests

The main direction of our lab is the development of novel optical spectral and imaging techniques for non-invasive screening, diagnosis and detection of disease, and characterization of biological and bioengineered tissue. Our research spans from basic physics of light-tissue interaction to new technology development to the development of clinical instrumentation and to large-scale clinical trials.

Selected Publications

M. Patel, A. Gomes, S. Ruderman, D. Hardee, S. Crespo, M. Raimondo, T. Woodward, V. Backman, H.K. Roy, M. Wallace,"Polarization gating spectroscopy of normal-appearing duodenal mucosa to detect pancreas cancer", Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 80(5), 786-793 (2014). PMC4241379

A. Doronin, A.J. Radosevich, V. Backman, I. Meglinski,"Two electric field Monte Carlo models of coherent back scattering of polarized light", Journal of the Optical Society of America, 31(11), 2394-2400 (2014).

M. Dela Cruz, R.K. Wali, L.K. Bianchi, A.J. Radosevich, S.E. Crawford, L. Jepeal, M.J. Goldberg, J. Weinstein, N. Momi, P. Roy, A.H. Calderwood, V. Backman, H.K. Roy, "Colonic Mucosal Fatty Acid Synthase as an Early Biomarker for Colorectal Neoplasia: Modulation by Obesity and Gender", Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 23(11), 2413-2421 (2014).

H.K. Roy, C. Brendler, H. Subramanian, D. Zhang, C. Maneval, J. Chandler, K. Kaul, B. Helfand, C. Wang, M. Quinn, J. Petkewicz, M. Paterakos, V. Backman, "Nanocytological Field Carcinogenesis Detection to Mitigate Overdiagnosis of Prostate Cancer: A Proof of Concept Study", PLoS One, 10(2): e0115999 (2015).

B.D. Jovanovic, H. Subramanian, I.B. Helenowski, H.K. Roy, V. Backman, "Clinical trial laboratory data nested with in subject: components of variance, sample size and cost", Biometrics & Biostatistics International Journal, 2(2):00029 (2015).

J.D. Rogers, A.J. Radosevich, J. Yi, V. Backman, "Modeling light scattering in tissue as continuous random media using a versatile refractive index correlation function", IEEE JSTQE, 20(02) 7000514 (2014). NIHMSID: 603537

H. Matsuda, G.G. Putzel, V. Backman, I. Szleifer,"Macromo lecular crowding as a regulator of gene transcription", Biophysical Journal, 106, 1801-1810 (2014.) PMC4008821

J. Yi, A.J. Radosevich, Y. Stypula, N. Mutyal, S.M. Azarin, E.L. Horcher, M. Goldberg, L. Bianchi, S. Bajaj, H.K. Roy, V. Backman, "Spatially-resolved optical and ultra-structural properties of colorectal and pancreatic field carcinogenesis observed by inverse spectroscopic optical coherence tomography", JBO, 19(3), 036013 (2014). PMC4019430

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J. Yi, S. Chen, V. Backman, H.F. Zhang, "In vivo functional microangiography by visible-light optical coherence tomography", Biomedical Optics Express, 5(10), 3603-3612 (2014). PMC4206328

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Y. Stypula-Cyrus, D. Damania, D.P. Kunte, M. De La Cruz, H. Subramanian, H.K. Roy, V. Backman, "HDAC up-regulation in early colon field carcinogenesis is involved in cell tumorigenicity through regulation of chromatin structure", PLoS One, 8(5): e64600 (2013). PMC3665824

 K. Phillips, D. Damania, H. Subramanian, V. Backman, E. Anderson, M.H. Wong, O. McCarty, "Network signatures of nuclear and cytoplasmic density alterations in a model of pre- and post-metastatic colorectal cancer", J. Biomedical Optics, 19(1), 016016 (2013). PMC4019418

I.R. Capoglu, J.D. Rogers, A. Taflove, V. Backman,"The microscope in a computer: Image synthesis from three-dimensional full-vector solutions of Maxwell’s equations at the nanometer scale", Progress in Optics, 57, 1-91 (2013).

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